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[Event] Summer solstice 2017 June 19, 2017 07:00:00 GMT

Greetings, Citizens of Sunrise City!

The summer solstice is worldwide known and has different interpretation in various cultures, so we would like suggest to celebrate it in CrimeCraft!

[ A. Discounts on Black Market ]

During the Event all items will be sold with -30% discount on Black Market!

But that's not all, players will have opportunity to purchase Abilities Lottery Tickets with additional -15% discount!

[ B. Bonus Rates ]

We are pleased to announce that Bonus Rateswill be active during whole event! All players will benefit from in-game Bonus Rates:

loot drop chance;
tournament rewards;

[ C. Random Tournament (Updated) ]

On June 22 we will activate Random Tournaments during 3rd and 4th Daily Tournaments. After registering for the tournament, all teams will be mixed up and teams will be keep reshuffling after each stage of the Daily Tournament. Win in the tournament without your usual allies isn't easy! However, this also means that the most lucky players might get into team of the most experienced players.

But the efforts are not in vain - players who will win 1st division tournament during that day will get in reward a special unique in-game title Solstice Winner and 100 Gold Coins!

When (Updated):
June 22, during the 3rd and 4th Daily Tournaments.

[ D. Daily Gifts ]

During the event all players who log in the game will receive Daily Gift! The more days in a row you log in the game the better reward you get!

Be advised that:
- you can have only 1 Daily Gift per account, so choose wisely, all rewards binds on pick up;
- if you won't take Daily Gift on one day, then on next this Gift won't be available.

[ E. When ]

Event starts: June 19,10:00 am CEST (June 19, 04:00 am EDT).
Event ends: June 26, 10:00 am CEST (June 19, 04:00 am EDT).

See you in Sunrise City!
Thank you.

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