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[Event] Tournament Madness (April 11) April 10, 2017 09:00:00 GMT

Greetings Sunrise citizens!

We've prepared for all players Tournament Madness - in-game event dedicated to the Random Tournaments. After registering for the tournament, all teams will be mixed up, but this Tournament Madness will not stop and teams will be keep shuffling after each stage of the Daily Tournament.

[ Rewards ]

But the efforts are not in vain - all players will receive a 2x tournament reward!
Winners of the 1st division tournament during the 3rd and 4th Daily Tournaments in addition will get 20 Gold Coins and chance to vote for the item that will be sold with additional -40% discount on the Black Market!

[ Rules ]

In addition to the basic rules of the game and the rules of the Daily Tournament, the following rules will also be taken into account:
- players must be online throughout the tournament, in order the system could add them into the random teams;
- if player will be offline or online on alternative character during team reshuffling, then this player won't get into the random team and any losses caused by this won't be compensated;
- the winners can vote for the item (which should get -40% discount) by sending name of the item in ticket to the customer support service or by posting it in reply to this thread from the moment of winning and not later than April 12, 7:00 AM by the server time;
- if the winner won't cast his/her vote for any of the items from the Black Market, then this vote will be automatically casted for the item that leads in voting.
- in case if two or more items will get same amount of votes, then the item with discount will be chosen randomly between voting finalists.
[ When ]
Tournament Madness:
April 11, during 3rd and 4th Daily Tournaments.
-40% discount on the Black Market:
starts: April 12, 8:00 AM CEST (2:00 AM EDT).
ends: April 17, 8:00 AM CEST (2:00 AM EDT).

[ Winners ]

Check again after April 11.

Thank you and Good Luck!

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